Las Vegas History Series: Little Caesar’s

Today, the area of Planet Hollywood and Paris Las Vegas are where a place called Little Caesar's use to be. It was opened from 1970 to 1994. It had no relation to the more famous Caesars Palace.  There was 25 cents craps and $1 blackjack.

Aside from the traditional gambling, Little Caesar's became known as the early hangout to make bets on a variety of different sporting events. According to different people I’ve spoken with who actually went to Little Caesar's, there were a minimal amount of table games there. It was all about betting on football, baseball, basketball and other events.

In a YouTube video done by Bravo Von Muller, a former employee of the Little Caesar's, he says the place was known for serving only a $1 hot dog when it comes to food. Dealers were given free drinks. Two stories he tells is of the famous casino owner Bob Stupak making a million dollar bet on the Bengals against San Francisco in the Super Bowl. At the time, it was the biggest legal bet ever made in Las Vegas.

Another story this former Little Caesar's dealer tells is how the casino acquired rug that was used at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino down on Fremont Street. A pretty random acquirement and way to upgrade this small casino on the Vegas Strip no doubt. That is how you bring Fremont to the Strip. For those who knew it, it was the place to bet sports and it won’t be soon forgotten.

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john green

john green

Little Ceasars was also known for the 5 cent pin ball machines. That if you were skillful you could win money on them Do you know what happened with the pin balls when Mr Mayday died and they closed the place?

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