Las Vegas History Series: Carousel Casino

Like the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street has gone through a variety of resort changes in its history. A casino by the name of Carousel occupied 32 Fremont Street from 1965 to 1974. It was located right next to The Mint.

Focusing on its marketing, Carousel Casino advertised liberal slots, five free nickels for the slots and free parking. On the food front, a customer could get a fried chicken dinner, fish and chips dinner or a roast beef dinner for 96 cents. You could also get ham, bacon, or sausages with hash browns for 65 cents.

Many casinos in Las Vegas have done customer contests to draw people in. Arguably one of the most interesting giveaways I’ve ever heard about, Carousel Casino gave away one acre of Las Vegas property every 75 days. You also did not have to be present to win. Carousel also gave away free cocktail coupons to customers.

The reason it was called Marty’s Carousel at one point was because it was bought by a man named Marty Kaizen. Before acquiring Carousel, he worked for Howard Hughes at the Desert Inn. However, the story goes is that he never acquired a gaming license. Before Marty Kuzen, the McLaney Group also owned the Carousel at one point. That is why it was also called McLaney’s Carousel.

In the early 1970s, Al Garbian owned the Carousel. He was considered a casino pioneer. He attended Elvis’s wedding to Priscilla at the Aladdin. According to an obituary from the 1970s in the Las Vegas Sun, he never lost touch with the common man. He also worked at the Sahara, Las Vegas Club and the Lucky Strike.

It became the Gambler’s Hall of Fame Casino in 1974.

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