Casino Gaming History and Chips from Pahrump, Nevada

Though many may think of Pahrump, Nevada as a place where people go to visit a brothel, there are other things to do in the city.  

For starters, there are actually two wineries in Pahrump. Though it may be difficult to believe that a winery would be possible in the desert, there are actually two of them in the city. According to recent customer reviews, at Pahrump Valley Winery, they actually offer you the opportunity to taste a few wines for free. They also have a restaurant and give tours.

At the Sanders Family Winery, they actually offer you the opportunity to be taken there by a private car. The story goes that the owner of this place was also the owner of the Pahrump Valley Winery. They also have free wine tastings.

You can see pictures below:

Pahrump also has golf courses. There is the Mountain Falls Golf Club and The Lake Executive Golf Course.

Besides that, Pahrump also has its own history of casino gaming. One of those casinos that is still open to this day is Saddle West. It originally opened in the early 1970s. Live table games stopped in 2011. However, there are electronic games a person can play. Saddle West’s restaurant The Silver Spur bills itself as having the best cheeseburger in Pahrump.

There was also a place that was only opened for one year called Our Bar. It was opened from 1982 to 1983. There is still a dive bar there today in the same location. If I had to guess, there were one or two table games when Our Bar was in business.

Finally, there was a place called Mountainview Casino. It ended up burning down in a fire in 2003. It re-opened as McCaw's Mountain View in 2011.

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