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The Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

In August 2016 Caesars Palace will celebrate its 50th Anniversary.  As the parties start and Caesars Palace prepares for its Golden Anniversary we look back at the beginning of one of the best known Casinos in the world.
In 1962 motel owners Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin took the first steps in developing Caesars Palace by taking a loan out with the Teamsters Central Pension Fund.  Jay Sarno, who would also design the casino, wanted to build a casino that emulated life under Golden Age of the Roman Empire, where everyone staying at the hotel would "feel like a Caesar."  The architecture of Caesars Palace is a seamless blend of Art Deco and classic Hollywood epic production.  Where one could imagine seeing Richard Burton as Marc Anthony and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.
When the hotel opened in 1966 it featured lanes of Cyprus trees and marble columns as part of it's 900 foot frontage and as guests entered they were greeted by a 20' statue of Julius Caesar.  On opening day guests were welcomed by Cocktail waitresses dressed in Greco-Roman inspired wings and costumes who would greet the guests and say 'Welcome to Caesars Palace.  I am your slave."  Jay Sarno also spared no expense for the opening day and spent over 1 million dollars on such luxuries as "largest order of Ukrainian caviar ever placed by a private organization", over two tons of filet mignon, 300 pounds of Maryland Crab and enough champagne for 50,000 glasses.
In 1967 one of the most publicized stunts of the era occurred at Caesars Palace.  Legendary stunt performer Evel Knievel convinced Jay Sarno that he could jump the 140' distance over the fountains in the front of Caesars Palace on his motorcycle.  On the last day of 1967 as the ABC network filmed, and the world watched, Evel Knievel attempted the jump.  Gunning his engine he cleared the fountains but hit the top of the safety ramp on landing and was thrown over the handlebars of his motorcycle and flew into the parking lot of the next door Dunes Casino.  He would survive his injuries but would be in a coma for a month before recovering.
In 1969 a Federal Organized Crime Task Force began to look into alleged Mob activities and connection of some of Jay Sarno's business partners.  Although neither Sarno or any of his business partners were ever brought to trial the task force pressured Jay Sarno and his partners to sell the casino and that same year they sold Caesars Palace to Stuart and Clifford Perlman.  They would eventually form the corporation Caesars World and would own the property till 1999.  After a number of ownership changes the final owners would eventually adopt the name Caesars Entertainment as a tribute to their flagship property.
Over the years Caesars Palace has played host to countless entertainers and appeared in countless movies and television shows.  Entertainers such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Bette Midler, Liberace, Elton John,  Judy Garland and her daughter Liza Minnelli and many others have all graced the stage of Caesars Palace.  Almost from its opening days Caesars Palace has been a backdrop for Hollywood starting with its appearance in the 1967 filmHell's Angels on Wheels.  In 1981 it played a central role as its namesake, an actual Caesar's Palace, in Mel Brooks' seminal movie The History of the World Part 1.  On the small screen Caesars Palace has been seen in everything from The Simpsons to The Sopranos.
Caesars Palace holds a special place in the hearts and minds of everyone who comes to Las Vegas to visit or call home.  Caesars Palace has been host to millions of visitors and guests in its first fifty years and will continue to be one of most famous Casinos in Las Vegas and the world for decades to come.
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