Las Vegas Casinos that Never Opened

This week, we are going to discuss some Las Vegas casinos that never opened. Additionally, these places all made gaming chips that were never used.

Deville Casino: Due to either a business decision or not getting a gaming license, the place never opened. This casino was the idea of developer Frank Carroll. He was the developer of the Landmark. He sold that property to Howard Hughes. The building was constructed, but the place never had gaming.

Jockey Club: Through the grapevine, the casino was never opened because the gaming license applicant had ties to the mob. However, it does still exist to this day as a timeshare.

Shenandoah: The hotel did open. However, the Wayne Newton themed casino never got a roll of the dice. President John Harlow Tucker had a securities fraud conviction. It prevented him from getting a gaming license. Mr. Las Vegas would go on to have an ownership in the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.

World Trade Center: This $25 million dollar project opened up its hotel portion and restaurant area. However, it was unable to get a gaming license because the owner had previous felony records. It was to be a resort that tributed the Twin Towers in New York City. All of this happened before 9/11.

Below you can purchase the chips meant for all four of these casinos. There are also playing cards for World Trade Center and chip sets from the Jockey Club and Shenandoah. 














Casino Collectibles Association Show Next Weekend:

If you are in Las Vegas, just a reminder that the Casino Collectibles Association Show takes place next week June 17-19 at the South Point Hotel and Casino. We will have a table there. Come see us! We look forward to it. 


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Neil Minikus

Neil Minikus

Was looking so forward to the casino opening an when they Could not get the license for casino was just devastated
Very sorry for this happening and the idea was WONDERFUL
Some one should follow up with this.

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