Illegal Gaming History Series: Hy’s Club, Owl Club, PC Club, The Spot and White Front

On this Tuesday, we are going to share information about some more illegal gaming operations. We have chips for all of these places you can purchase below.

Hy’s Club: There is not much information on this place. It was located in San Luis Obispo, California. We also know it was a cardroom. It was opened for only year from 1949 to 1950.

Owl Club: It opened in 1936. It was the largest gaming and nightclub establishment in the city. It was opened by Jim Emery. He was a member of the Chicago crime syndicate. The venue closed in 1951. The illegal casino is referenced in the book The Boys in Chicago Heights by Matthew J. Luzi.

PC Club: Another illegal gaming establishment from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Nothing else is known about this place.

The Spot: It was located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Before Biloxi became a legal gaming destination, there were a variety of illegal gaming options in earlier eras. The Spot was one of those establishments. It closed in 1962 after the Governor ordered a raid on The Spot and a few other clubs.

White Front: It existed in the 1920s in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was not as well known as many of the other illegal gaming operations in the city. It took bets on sports and was also a speakeasy.

Below you can find all the chips for sale we have from all these illegal gaming establishments. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture:


                                          Owl Club $5 Chips


                                       Owl Club $1 Chips 


                                     HY's Club Chips 


                                     PC Club Chips 


                                   PC Club Chips 


            PC Club Chip                                      The Spot Chip       


                                        The Spot Chips 


                                     White Front Chips 


                                      White Front Chip 

We are only hours away from the Casino Collectibles Association show beginning at the South Point Hotel and Casino. We hope to see you there. Find all the information on the flyer below:


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