How to Collect Affordable Replica Casino Chips, How the Dunes is Leading the Way and Other Casino Chips Make Your Fantasies Come True

Millions of people visit Las Vegas every year. From 1955 to 1993, the Dunes Hotel & Casino was located on the South end of the Las Vegas Strip. Where the Bellagio is today used to be this popular landmark. It had much fanfare and still does to this day. There were even alleged rumors that Howard Hughes was interested in buying the property at one point.

Besides the resort and casino itself, the Dunes had a golf course. Today, casinos including New York New York and Cosmopolitan occupy the land that the Dunes Golf Course was on. But even though the Dunes is no longer in existence, there are still people who want to get ahold of some of the Casino’s history. Here at Spinettis Gaming Supplies, we have a variety of gaming chips that were used in the actual casino.

Though you might decide that playing with chips that were used at the Dunes might be something you are not interested in doing because they are a very collectable item, we have a selection of commemorative chips you can see above from 25 cents up to $25,000 that one can play poker games with or other casino games. Each one pays respect to the years the casino resort was open from 1955 to 1993. At the top of the chip above the golf flag, you will see the word commemorative. 

These chips are great for a variety of different casino games and pay tribute to a part of Las Vegas history. They no doubt look similar and reflect back on an earlier time of memories from the Entertainment Capital of the World. Without looking closely, sometimes you cannot tell the difference. 

 Expanding out beyond the Dunes commemorative chips, there are Fantasy Chips. From casinos that include Sands, Stardust, El Rancho, Flamingo and Desert Inn among others, they are designs of casino themed chips that may be similar in nature to a real casino chip from the past based on their style and designs. The majority of those chips have denominations on them.

Below you will find some of our Fantasy Chips. Looking at them, you will see that they could be mistaken for being a real casino chip. They are great for someone who likes to collect chips but may not have the budget to purchase the chips that are used in the casinos.

Some of our most popular Fantasy Chips include chips of Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. You can see the Frank Sinatra chip above.  You can also pay tribute to Vegas Vic with the Pioneer Chip and Bugsy Siegel for the Flamingo.

Whether you are collecting the real thing from a casino or a fantasy chip that pays tribute to one of those great Las Vegas resorts, the most important lesson to know is collecting chips is no doubt fun.

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