History of the Overland Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada

When it comes to the Reno chip collecting, the Overland Hotel and Casino is one of the more popular choices. When it opened in 1933, it would have been one of the earliest legal gaming establishments in the state. Legalized gaming in the state of Nevada started in 1931.

The Overland was the home of the $25,000 keno jackpot. It also billed itself as The Last Frontier of the Old West. There were historic paintings of cowboys at the establishment.

The man responsible for opening the Overland was Reno gaming pioneer Richard “Pick” Hobson. Mr. Hobson owned and operated a handful of casinos. Passing away in August of 1996, he was 85 years old. Aside from being part of the gaming industry, he was also a rancher.

One of his good friends was Club Cal-Neva owner Warren Nelson. After his passing, Nelson said to the Reno Gazette that Pick Hobson was no doubt a cowboy. He was the owner of 10 casinos. He was known for running clean and organized gaming establishments.

The Overland closed for the final time in 1977. One of Hobson’s other casinos, the Riverside Hotel, closed in 1986. Mr. Hobson said that he paid every single employee every dollar they were owed, including vacation at the closing. Richard “Pick” Hobson had a big influence on early gaming in the city of Reno, Nevada.

Below you can find all of our chips from the Overland Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture below: 


                                Overland Roulette Chips from 1968


                           Overland Roulette Chips from 1968


                         Overland Roulette Chips from 1968


                           Overland Roulette Chips from 1975   


                          Overland Roulette Chips from 1975


                      Overland Non Redeemable Chips from the 1970s


Overland 10 Cent Chip 1960s                 Overland 10 Cent Chip 1940s


Overland 50 Cent Chip 1965                         Overland $1 Chip 1970 


Overland $1 Chip 1965                                      Overland $5 Chip 1965


Overland $5 Chip 1960                                   Overland $5 Chip 1976


                                     Overland $25 Chip 1970

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lynda campbell

lynda campbell

i found a poster picture and it says it is from the overland hotel and casino dated june 1919 .It is actually really pretty. Could it be authentic? it says 1919 golden girl . any one interested?

lynda campbell

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