Haunted Las Vegas

Sometimes what happens in Vegas stays even into the afterlife. The end of October brings thoughts of Halloween and tales of ghosts and haunted houses and if you believe the superstitions some of those haunting might be no further than the Las Vegas strip as ghostly gamblers continue to look for the one last score.

First on our stop of the macabre is Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. There is a story of a murder-suicide of a woman and her child in one of the rooms in the hotel tower. It is said that cries of help can be heard from the room along with people hearing footsteps when there is no one else around and the ghost of a small child can often be seen. One of the more chilling stories is that the host of the mother and child are searching for the long-lost father, who is said to be a dark haired man, and any man who matching that description will meet a dark fate if he is unfortunate enough to stay in that room.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino with its fairly tale castle facade would be the last place you would expect to find a ghost. However, guests have reported strange happenings on the 10th floor of the hotel tower. Stage occurrences of sudden cold chills and the sense of being watched, and not just from the eye in the sky, have been reported. Not only that hotel guests have reported hearing voices when no one else is around. Could this be a ghost or the spirit of Merlin having fun in this modern version of Camelot?

From the minute the Flamingo Hotel and Casino opened it was losing money and within a year of the opening of the Flamingo its notorious owner, Bugsy Siegel was gunned down in his Beverly Hills home. Although he was killed in California it is said he is much more interested in spending his time in the afterlife in is beloved Flamingo Hotel and Casino. His ghostly spirit has been seen by employees and guest alike, he is often seen in the Presidential Suite as well as the location of his old apartment, and finally late at night, his ghost has been spotted lounging by the pool enjoying the good afterlife.

In November of 1980, one of the worst fires in Las Vegas history claimed the life of 87 people in what was the MGM Grand Hotel. Although that hotel is now called Bally's it is believed that some of those unfortunate victims never checked out of the hotel. Shadows figures can often be spotted in the stairwells in the exact spots that many of the victims died while trying to escape the fire. Mysterious shadows have been seen lying in beds, perhaps the spirits of those who died in their sleep during the fire. Dealers on the casino floor have reported seeing a group of a dozen ghostly gamblers wandering the casino floor who will be there one minute and vanish into thin air in the next.

Finally, we come to the Luxor, the iconic and unmistakable landmark on the Las Vegas strip. It is said that three construction workers tragically lost their lives while working on the construction of the pyramid and there have been some suicides on the premises. The ghost of one of these people has been seen wandering the halls of the hotel and the ghosts of the construction workers, still wearing their hard hats, have been spotted in quiet areas of the casino.

Urban legend, overactive imagination or haunting? Next time you are in Las Vegas that gambler sitting next to you might just be from beyond the grave.

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino 

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The Excalibur Hotel & Casino

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Flamingo Hotel & Casino
Don't let the spirit of 'Bugsy' keep you from adding chips from the Flamingo Hotel & Casino to your collection of Las Vegas Casino Chips.
Bally's Hotel & Casino
Our chips Bally's Hotel & Casino will not vanish into thin air when you put them in your collection.
Luxor Hotel & Casino
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