From Boomtown to Silverton, the Evolution of a Casino
In 1989 the Majestic Realty Company owned by Ed Roski purchased an 80-acre parcel of land off the Las Vegas Strip along the west side of Interstate 15. This was originally intended to be an industrial warehouse. Five years later Boomtown, Inc and Ed Roski announced that their joint venture would open the Boomtown Blue Diamond; a $70 million dollar venture that would be built by Mr. Roski with the financing coming from Boomtown, Inc.

One year later in May 1994 Boomtown, Las Vegas opened and a month later Boomtown, Inc. bought out Roski’s share of the company becoming the sole owner of the company.

Over the years the casino struggled to draw visitors and in 1996 an agreement was made with Ed Roski to buy back the property for $10.6 million dollars in cash and promissory notes, the sale was finally completed on July 1, 1997.

Ed Roski re-branded the property and renamed it the Silverton in December of the same year. One of his first changes was to cut the staff from a high of 1,400 people to less than one thousand. He also re-themed the interior of the casino as a hunting lodge.

In 2004 a $150 million dollar renovation included the opening of a Brass Pro Shop attached to the casino, and many new restaurants were also added to the property.

In 2009 another major renovation included the addition of a parking garage and an expansion of the casino. As recently as 2016 a new Cracker Barrel Restaurant, the first one to be opened in Nevada, was opened as a free standing building on the southern end of the property.
The casino, in its new guise, continues to grow and expand and now draws in both the locals and tourists alike making it one of the more successful "off-strip" casinos in Las Vegas.
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Silverton Hotel & Casino
Boomtown was re-branded and became the highly successful Silverton Hotel & Casino.
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