Eddie's Fabulous 50's Casino History, Chips for Sale

Eddie's Fabulous 50's was a casino based in Reno, Nevada. It was open from 1987 to 1999. It was located at 211 N Virginia St.

In an article published in the Reno Gazette a year after the resort opened, the general manager Jim Lewis said this, "We want our employees (cast members at Eddie's) and our customers to have fun. Craziness, fun."

The 50's themed resort even showed drive-in movies from that decade on the second level. Eddie's also offered a seafood all you can eat buffet that included fried prawns, crab legs, steamed clams and oysters.

Like many other resorts, Eddie's did offer free drink coupons to its patrons and slot machine bonuses.

The casino originally opened in 1978 as the Money Tree Casino.

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Eddie's Grand Opening Chips 


Eddie's 5 and 25 NCV Chips 


   Eddie's  100 NCV                                          Eddie's  25 cent


       Eddie's  $1                                                  Eddie's  $5     


Eddie's $25                                                      Eddie's $100

          Eddie's $500 


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