Casino Chips from Cruise Ships

The term for one is wet chip. You may have heard it used before. It is what you call a casino chip from a cruise ship. Based on research, most cruise lines have some form of casino gaming excluding Disney Cruises.

Besides Nevada, non-Nevada and international chips, there is also a market for cruise ship chips. What I have seen so far is that there is a market for collectors who like racks of chips to collect and play games with. But there are also those who collect one of each as well.

This week’s newsletter is a special one for two reasons. One, we just did a redesign on our website. The colors and theme are different. Take a look and let us know what you think. We think you will like the improvements.

But secondly, we have added a new section for all of our casino chips from cruise chips. Below I’ll separate them by different cruise lines and of course you can click on each chip to purchase each one as always.

Regency Cruises: A day cruise leaving Miami. The venture only lasted three months. However, the chips do live on forever. You can purchase different ones from there clicking each picture below.

Premier Cruise Lines: This cruise line that went out of Florida existed from 1983 to 2000. The company was known mostly for taking trips to the Bahamas for three or four nights. Check out our variety of chips from there below clicking each picture to purchase.




Discovery Cruises: Known as a one day cruise that goes to the Bahamas, these chips are from one of those cruises where you get to have the one-day vacation experience. The company is still in operation today. Click the picture on each chip to purchase each one as always. Another day cruise that leaves from Miami.



Dolphin Cruise Line: Another one of these cruise lines that went to the Caribbean and sailed out of Miami. Based on customer reviews from the past, some say this was the cruise line they had their first cruise on. For the staff and passengers, it may not have been the most perfect ship one could travel on, but the staff made up for some of the amenities. Some say the food and service were the best they ever had. You can see their chips below and purchase each by clicking the picture.



Royal Venture Cruise Line: A company based out of Georgia with an office in Clearwater, Florida ran 2-day cruises to nowhere to 5-day cruises from Tampa to Mexico. This cruise line company lasted six years from 1995 to 2001. See their cool hat and cane mold chips below you can purchase by clicking the picture.


Card Player Cruises: A company that is still active that operates poker rooms on a variety of different cruise ships. When it comes to cruises, the poker room is only available when the ship gets to sea. Lessons are provided and there are low stake $1 $2 games available. Cruises include South America, Cuba, the Caribbean and New Zealand and Alaska. You can see our chips from Card Player Cruises below and click picture to purchase.


If you’d like to see the entire section of chips, you can find them clicking our new cruise ship chip section clicking here.

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