The Lights of Las Vegas
Lighting Up the Las Vegas Skyline
Imagine walking down the Las Vegas strip in the evening.  The images that come to your mind might be the Volcano in front of the Mirage erupting like clockwork every night or the half scale Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris and the lights.  Those bright Marquees in front of everything on the strip from major casinos to fast food restaurants and drugstore beckoning the passerby to come in and with the benefit of modern technology giving High Definition previews of the excitement and entertainment within.  It would be hard to imagine a Las Vegas without those marquees of today or to look back fondly to the Neon Marquees of bygone classic casinos.
It all started in 1912 when the process to create Neon lights was invented in Paris, France.  Soon Neon lit the skyline of Paris and just a decade later, in 1923, the technology crossed the Atlantic and came to America with the first Neon Lights being installed in a Packard Dealership in Los Angeles.  The first Neon Lights came to Las Vegas a short time later with the 1927 installation of Neon Lights on the Oasis Restaurant.  In 1931 the first Neon Lights on a casino were installed on the Boulder Club and soon after on the Nevada Club.  From those humble beginning the iconic look of Las Vegas was born.  
After the lean years of World War 2 America looked forward to a prosperous future and as Las Vegas grew from a sleepy train stop into the Gambling Mecca of America Neon Light lit the way.  In the 1950's and into the 60's those shinning lights could be seen for miles and guided road weary travelers along Route 91 to the "Paradise in the Desert."  
In the late 60's Neon Lighting started to fall out of favor with the American public and many signs where replaced by fluorescent lit signs and as many of the classic casinos started to close even more of the Classic Marquees that once welcomed travelers and advertised stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis ended up sitting forlornly in junk yards.  
Although gone those classic signs were never totally forgotten and in the 2012 a truly one of a kind museum opened in Las Vegas.  The Neon Museum features 150 classic Marquees from the bygone days of Las Vegas.  Even today the lights of Las Vegas are still guiding travelers to excitement of Las Vegas. On many a dark night the light from the Luxor, stabbing into the night sky, becomes a beacon to travels telling them their destination is just a few short miles away.
Replica Marquee

Although it might be impracticable to own an actual casino Marquee these replicas are the next best thing.
These are all handmade beautiful light up Marquee replicas. They can be stand on a table or hang on your game room wall.  These are not mass produced knock-offs, each is individually made.  
You can even customize the advertisement on the Bill Board. Other casinos also available upon request.

Energy efficient with build in led lighting with 8ft power cord and on/off switch. Works on 120v with standard two prong plug for North America.
Click on the images to go directly to the Casino Marquees shown.

Made in USA.
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