Dig (Foundation) Chips
Dig (Foundation) Chips
Prior to 1987 casinos could dispose of chips and tokens as they saw fit. Many times old chips and tokens ended up at the bottom of Lake Mead or thrown down abandon mine shafts. No one knows for sure when casino executives first though to put them in the foundations of new casino constructions. Some people say it was done for luck others say it was a pragmatic approach to solving the problem of what to do with thousands of obsolete chips and tokens.

That all changed in 1987 when the State of Nevada passed Regulation 12. This regulation requires casinos to destroy obsolete chips & tokens in a regulated manner and outlawed the practice of making chips currency outside of the casinos. Before then it was not uncommon to buy goods or services with casino chips in Las Vegas. 
In 1993, while demolishing the former Dunes Hotel & Casino, demolition workers found hundreds of Dunes chips embedded in sections of the foundation. Again in 2007 when the The New Frontier Hotel & Casino was demolished sections of concrete with chips and tokens from casinos as far away as Laughlin where discovered in portions of the foundation. 

With the State of Nevada's current requirement that all poker chips be destroyed once a casino decides to cancel a series of chips, the era of chips being discovered in concrete is slowly coming to an end. When the last of the classic Las Vegas properties are demolished then this true Las Vegas phenomenon will be gone forever.
The New Frontier Foundation Piece with Tokens

This huge 24" concrete piece is a true one of a kind item and a guaranteed conversation starter. 
This is a piece of the actual foundation from The New Frontier Hotel & Casino and is embedded with over 100 tokens from The Frontier Hotel dated to 1967.
Now is your chance to own a piece of the foundation of Las Vegas.
Dunes Foundation Chips

These pieces of concrete with the Dunes chips embedded in them were pulled from the foundation of the iconic Dunes Hotel & Casino.

These pieces make a perfect paperweight or a one of a kind centerpiece to your Las Vegas memorabilia collection.

No two are alike, each one is unique. The number of these is very limited, get your before it is too late.
Dunes Club $100 Dig Chip

One of the best examples of "Dig Chips" found in the foundation of the Dunes Hotel & Casino.
This rare chip is a "must have" addition to any chip collection.
The New Frontier Dig Chips
These casino chips, from the Pioneer Hotel & Casino in Laughlin Nevada, were found in the foundation of the of The New Frontier Hotel & Casino.
These Dig Chips make the perfect unique souvenir for the lover of Las Vegas history.
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