On February 11, 2016 the curtain will fall for the final time on the "Jubilee!"stage in Bally's Hotel & Casino.  With that final curtain an era of the iconic Las Vegas Showgirl will come to an end.
"Jubilee!" is the longest running show on the Las Vegas strip.  Its first show was on July 31, 1984 and during its 34 year run it has entertained millions of people and generations of Showgirls have worn the iconic costumes and headdress.
Undoubtedly women in sequined outfits and feathered headdresses will still be found on the Las Vegas strip after the final curtain, but many of them may be just a pale imitation to true Las Vegas Showgirls.  The "Jubilee!" Showgirls were all classically trained dancers who were chosen for the grace, beauty, talent as well as height (all the Showgirls must be between 5'8" and 6'2").  With costumes that contained up to 5,000 rhinestones and elaborate headdresses that could weight up to 20 pounds the true Las Vegas Showgirl was one of a kind.
With the closing of "Jubilee!" another piece of Las Vegas is lost to history, but that memory will be always be alive in the memories of those who saw the show, the cast and crew members of "Jubilee!".
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