Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, The Father of the Vegas Mob

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, known as "one of the most feared and notorious gangsters of his day,"  first came to Southern Nevada in the 1930's with Meyer Lansky and Moe Sedway.  While there, they set-up a syndicate providing illicit "services" for the construction crew building the Hoover Dam.  After the operation was set-up Lansky left leaving "Bugsy" in charge of all Nevada Operations.  However "Bugsy" soon left for Hollywood turning the operation over to Moe Sedway.

After almost ten years in Hollywood and being acquitted  of a bookmaking charge he wanted to "go legit" and saw an opportunity in Las Vegas with William Wilkerson's Flamingo Hotel.  The pull of the Mob was too strong and by May of 1946 "Bugsy" had convinced Wilkerson, under threat of death, to turn over control of the casino to him.  Wilkerson fled to Paris and the Flamingo became syndicate-run.
"Bugsy" demanded only the best for the Flamingo Hotel and by 1947 the construction costs had ballooned to over $6 million dollars (over $600 million by today's standards).
The Flamingo Casino opened on December 26, 1946 and almost immediately the problems started.  Construction was not yet complete and guests were met by construction noise and a lobby draped in drop cloths.  The weather also conspired against "Bugsy" and rain storms prevented many celebrities and VIP guests from attending the  casino's Opening Night.  After only two weeks of operation the gaming tables were down over $250,000 dollars and by the by the end of January 1947 the casino closed its doors.  Two months later, in March, the Flamingo Hotel reopened its doors; with Siegel and now Meyer Lansky closely watching operations the casino finally started making a profit.
For "Bugsy", time was running out.  Siegel's mob bosses were tired of waiting for their cut of the cash and in June 1947 "Bugsy" was gunned down in his girlfriend's Beverly Hills home.
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"Bugsy" Seigel started Las Vegas on the path that lead to where it is today.  Mob run or Corporation run which is better?  The question that divides the "old timers" from the new blood but either way it started with "Bugsy" and the Flamingo Casino and Hotel.
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