A Brief History of the Game

Roulette has its origins 18th century France and its very name comes from the French word for wheel, Roue. By the mid 19th century Roulette spread from the Court of Royal Palace in Paris to Germany, Italy, England and the Americas.  When Germany abolished gambling in the 1860's the Blanc family moved from Germany to the last remaining legal casino in Monte Carlo and it was there the Roulette Wheel played a central role in turning Monte Carlo into the gambling Mecca for Europe's elite.  In America the Roulette Wheel was found everywhere from the Riverboats on the Mississippi River to the posh gambling parlors of New Orleans and the rough and tumble saloons of the Boom-towns in the American West.

Authentic Roulette Table from the Wynn Hotel and Casino


Authentic Casino Roulette Table

You can enjoy the game of Roulette in your own home on your very own Roulette Table.  This table includes an authentic European Roulette layout from the Wynn Hotel and Casino.  Please contact us for pricing, delivery and shipping is available for an additional charge



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