Here at Spinettis one of our main attraction for people when they come visit our store is our massive chip collection we have in the back of our retail store. Many Chip Collectors, enthusiast and both local and tourist alike find themselves enamored with our chip collection that is on display and available for purchase as well. We have four chips to share with you today. The first two are from the Sahara. We have a $1 and a $5 Sahara chip. Both of these are definitely a great addition to anyone's collection as the Sahara Casino is now closed and a part of the ever changing Las Vegas History.

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We do have other Sahara Chips if these are already part of your fabulous collection or if you are looking for other denominations. Click on the link below to see what we have available when it comes to the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV:


The next two chips come from Club Eldorado. These chips are quite a find. We have a blue $25 chip that can be difficult to track down and an EXTREMELY RARE $100 off-white Chip.

What makes the $100 Chip so rare is that the Chip Rack 2012 edition list every chip ever made in Nevada and yet this $100 chip we have is not listed in the book!

Definitely a way to have something beyond unique. It is to truly hold in your hand a part of lost history.

Both of these chips we have very LIMITED QUANTITIES of and once they are gone there are no more to go around. Be sure to pick up yours today!

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We also have a $5 Club Eldorado Chip! Click on the picture below for more details on that chip.

Any of these chips would make for incredible additions to anyone's casino chip collection. Although, if none of these chips strike any interest we have several others to choose from.

Click on the link below to check out our seemingly endless selection that contains a little bit of every corner of Nevada's casinos:


If you have any questions regarding any of the chips mentioned above or any questions for your home gaming needs give us a call at 702-362-8767 or email us at

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