Here at Spinettis we have just the thing for your blackjack and or baccarat games!

We have available a case of Caesar's Palace unsorted decks. This case comes with 144 Decks in 8 Deck unsorted packages that came directly off the blackjack or baccarat tables. Never again have to worry about running out of cards with a case of these cards. Best of all these cards are not clipped in the corners! They are marked on the side but otherwise they are just like new. The case contains both red decks and blue decks.

The 8 deck unsorted packages also makes for quick gift ideas!

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In addition to this case of cards for your home gaming needs we also have Casino Quality Shoes! We have them available in both 6 and 8 decks.

Our casino quality blackjack dealing shoes are made out of heavy duty acrylic, and feature a smooth rolling card rest as well as a mounting hook on the back. The cards slide out of the front dealing slot efficiently to ensure a professional like dealing experience. Great for home games and also for legitimate card rooms.

Check out the picture below for some of these casino qualities shoes!

We do have more casino quality shoes available along with other Blackjack items you may need.

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Blackjack Items at Spinettis

From all of us at Spinettis have a great weekend! We will be open Monday, February 18th 2013, Presidents Day. Regular hours 9:30am-5:30pm so if you are in the area stop by and pay us a visit!

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