Las Vegas History Series - Circus Circus Hotel & Casino
Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino opened on October 18, 1968, initially owned by Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin. 

At the time of its opening Circus Circus included only the casino. The lack of hotel initially caused financial problems as the casino was not able to attract affluent gamblers and patrons. To correct this issue Jay Sarno obtained a $23 million dollar loan, $7 million dollars more than the initial cost of the casino, from the Teamsters Pension Fund to construct a hotel. One major stipulation made to get the loan was that Anthony Spilotro, a known Mob Enforcer, (under the alias Tony Stuart) was given a gift shop concession in the hotel. 

The concession to S
pilotro caused the U.S. Government to open a organized crime investigation into both Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin. The organized crime investigation along with a separate investigation into Tax Code violations and continuing financial problems with the casino forced both Sarno and Mallin to sell the property. 
In 1974 the casino was bought by William Bennett and William Pennington for $25 million dollars. They owned the casino till 2005 when it was sold to MGM Resorts International; MGM owns Circus Circus to this day.

In 1993 the Adventuredome was added to Circus Circus, this is the largest permanent big top in the world. It consists of over 350,000 sq ft. of pink tinted glass over a space frame. The Adventuredome is now one of the defining features of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.
Circus Circus Casino Chips

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Circus Circus, Reno Nevada

Circus Circus, Reno opened in July of 1978 about ten years after the opening of the original Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Circus Circus Casino Cards
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