Las Vegas History Series - The Pioneer Club Casino
The Pioneer Club Casino

We here at Spinettis listen to our customers; this week's entry is from one of our customer who came in and said "you should write about the Pioneer Club."  Well, sir your wish is granted!
The Pioneer Club was located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.  The Pioneer Club first opened its doors in 1942 in a building built in 1918, that had previously been a restaurant. When it opened it was known as the Pioneer Club and Cocktail Lounge.
The original owners of the Pioneer Club included Tutor Scherer, Farmer Page, Bill Curland, and Chuck Addison. They hired local attorney Cliff Jones to represent them and paid him by giving him a percentage in the casino for his services.
In 1951 one of the most widely recognized neon signs of Downtown Las Vegas was erected outside of the Pioneer Club, this is the world famous 'Vegas Vic.'  With his waving arm and friendly "Howdy Podner" he welcomed visitors into the Pioneer Club for decades,  he survived the 1965 bow and arrow attack by actors Lee Marvin and Woody Strode, the building of the canopy over Fremont Street in the 1990's and the eventual closing of the Pioneer Club. 
In 1965 The Pioneer Club bought the Elwell Hotel, that was located directly behind it on First Street, and renamed it The Pioneer Club Hotel. 
For many years The Pioneer Club was one of Downtown Las Vegas' leading casinos, but in the 1990's time was beginning to catch-up with the Pioneer Club; unable to compete with the newer and larger casinos on Fremont Street and the new mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip the venerable casino finally shut its doors in 1995.
Although the casino is gone the legacy of the Pioneer Club lives on through Vegas Vic, still welcoming visitors to Las Vegas from his spot on Fremont Street.
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I was a dealer Downtown, from 1961 through 1966. There was a Cocktail waitress, who featured herself as “VEGAS VICKIE”. Do you have any knowledge of her.

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