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Pussycat A Go Go Casino
Thirty-one years before Las Vegas' preeminent Rock & Roll Casino the  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino opened its doors there was Pussycat A Go Go. Opened in 1964 Pussycat A Go Go was located where the Palazzo Hotel & Casino is now. The Pussycat A Go Go was the first live Rock and Roll dance club/casino on the Las Vegas Strip. 
Founded by Garwood Van, longtime musician and entertainment director of theCastaway Casino, the 'Pussycat' was the "in" spot in Las Vegas to see great rock and roll music and be seen.  A favorite playground of fellow Las Vegas entertainers, celebrities and showgirls. The excitement at the "Pussycat" would start after 2 am where the dancing and music would continue into the next morning.
The Pussycat A Go Go was the place in Vegas to see the hottest up and coming bands such as 'Sly and The Family Stone', 'Paul Revere and the Raiders', and 'The Checkmates'.  One of the hottest acts to play at the 'Pussycat' was 'Stark Naked and the Car Thieves'.  They were so well known that Jim Morrison of 'The Doors' came from Los Angeles to see them only to end in a fight with the door man that resulted in his arrest outside the club.
The Pussycat A Go Go featured a small casino playing area, including about a half dozen Blackjack tables and about two dozen slot machines, and a restaurant in addition to its dance floor and stages.   
Like many Rock and Roll legends Pussycat A Go Go's flame burned brightly but briefly and by 1971 the dance floor was silent and the doors where closed for the last time.
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