The Opening Day of the Mirage Hotel & Casino
The Opening Day of the Mirage Hotel & Casino

The cool Las Vegas morning of November 22, 1989 was witness to hundreds of people, Las Vegas locals and tourist alike, standing on Las Vegas Boulevard waiting in anticipation for the Grand Opening of the highly anticipated Mirage Hotel & Casino; held back only by a thin line of Hotel Security Guards.
At the time it was the most expensive hotel ever built, at the cost of 630 million dollars, its distinctive gold windows, made possible by the use of gold dust in the glass, glistened in the morning sunlight. 
At noon hotel's owner Steve Wynn, standing just outside the entrance, radioed to security to "Let those people in."  With that simple command the thin line stepped aside and hundreds of people ran up both driveways all jockeying to be among the first to enter the new Polynesian themed hotel.  
The number of visitors to the hotel on that first day far exceeded the expectation of owner Steve Wynn and the casino staff and midway through the first day an unusual hush fell over the floor as one by one the slot machines fell silent.  The casino cage had run out of change to give to players eager to play the hotel's 2300 slot machines.  The problem was quickly solved, but this silence was an eerie foreshadowing to today's coin less slot machines.  
As the sun faded in the Western sky visitors and passerby alike were enthralled by the "live" volcano that was now erupting on outside the hotel every fifteen minutes and the fifty foot waterfall next to the volcano. 
Inside the casino Siegfried and Roy headlined the entertainment with the unique show combining magic and live animals.
The Mirage Hotel & Casino took two years of planning and two years to build, it was well worth the effort as it stunned its first visitors and 27 years later it continues to attract locals and visitors alike through its doors.

Mirage Casino Circa 1989 Chips 

These chips chips shown are the original style of chips that were used in the Mirage during the opening years of operation.  
These 1989 vintage chips from the Mirage Hotel & Casino are a great addition to any collection of Las Vegas Casino Chips. 
Mirage Casino, $1 Casino Chip 1996

This $1 Casino Chip dates from 1996.  Add a touch of modern Las Vegas history to your collection with these chips from the Mirage Hotel & Casino.
Mirage Casino Cards
These decks are from the Mirage casino. They have the Mirage logo on them. These casino playing cards make for great additions to anybody's card collection and or can be used for your home gaming nights.
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