Used Mandalay Bay Pai Gow Tile Set

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This is a 32 Tile Pai Gow (Chinese Domino) USED MANDALAY BAY Set comes with a USED Deluxe Brown Vinyl Lidded case with one Button snap closure.

These sets were actually used for play at MANDALAY BAY HOTEL & CASINO. The sets are in used casino condition and come AS IS. The set you will receive will look like the pictures above or in similar condition. These sets have been used usually in less than one dealer shift, the tiles or the case may have cancellation marks from the casino.

  • 32 Heavy duty smooth and shiny plastic tiles.
  • Black with white and red dot markings for numbers.
  • Tiles are 2 5/8" x 1"
  • Four dice
  • One Plaque

    This set is a great addition for anyone looking for a Pai Gow Set from an actual casino. Great for any casino item collector as well.
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