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In the past, we have told you about a variety of custom items we do here at Spinettis Gaming Supplies. This weekend, we wanted to show you some of our other cool custom gaming items we have done recently and can do.

No limits on custom layouts:

All sizes of layouts are possible with our custom gaming layouts. There are no limitations when it comes to that. Below you can find a very cool layout we did for a company recently. This layout was 18 feet. This layout was put on the table without staples. The layout can then be removed and the table can be returned to its original form.

We also recently did this craps table layout with feature bets that include all tall and all small betting areas you can see below:

If you are interested in a custom layout of any size for a casino game or event, you can send me an email to marketing@spinettis.com and I can provide pricing and information.

Customize your slot machine:

Though Spinettis Gaming Supplies does not sell slot machines, we are able to do custom work on the belly glass and top glass of the machine. You can find an example below of a recent custom slot machine project we did on the glass below. If this might interest you, send me an email to marketing@spinettis.com.

Custom plaques:

Aside from our custom inlay plaques, we also have the ability to do custom ceramic plaques. This is a great option aside from the ceramic casino chips that we offer. Below you will find an example of what our ceramic plaques look like. If this is something that may interest you, you can send us an email to marketing@spinettis.com

As we just mentioned, we also have cool custom inlay plaques. The price for 100 plaques is $147. If you are interested in placing an order of those, you can click the picture below to purchase and find more information:

Custom Coin Inlay chips:

If you have ever been interested in doing custom coin inlay chips, we offer that service as well. Below you can find the different styles of coin inlay chips we provide. If you have any questions or want additional information, email me at marketing@spinettis.com

Refurbishing table options:

Finally, whether you would like us to put a new layout on your table, put brand new custom vinyl on your rail or have foam installed, we have all of those options. We have the ability to accept table shipments, do work and ship back or you can drop your table off here in Las Vegas and then you can pick it up when it is completed.

You can find more information about putting new felt/a layout on your table by clicking here

You can find more information about changing the vinyl on your tables armrest by clicking here.

You can find more information about foam installation by clicking here.

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