TV and Movie Casino Prop Chips for Sale

Pop culture and Las Vegas casinos have a long history. Some of the most famous examples include the Martin Scorsese movie Casino and the TV show Las Vegas.

These entertainment projects feature gambling scenes, where casino chips are used.  The chips in the scenes are known as prop chips. After production is complete, some of these items from the TV shows and movies are offered to the public to buy. There is absolutely a market of people who want to collect these.

The TV show Las Vegas was based in a fictional Strip casino called the Montecito.  The movie Casino also took place at a fictional Las Vegas casino called the Tangiers.

The movie Ocean's Eleven is an example of a fictional story taking place in a real casino. The 2001 movie took place at The Bellagio. Many of the prop chips from Ocean’s Eleven were used in the casino vault scene.

These Las Vegas themed entertainment projects have held the test of time. Below you will find movie and TV prop chips from these three projects for sale.

You can purchase them clicking the picture:











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