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This week, we wanted to show you some of our favorite playing cards that are brand new. Playing cards can be used for a variety of different games and occasions. Many people use decks of cards to play a variety of card games at home including canasta, war and bridge.

Aside from that, some decks were created for a variety of different casinos for games including blackjack, baccarat and other carnival games. And of course, playing cards are used for a variety of different types of poker from Texas Hold ‘EM to seven card stud to Omaha.

If you really think about it, if there were no cards, it would take away hundreds of different games all across the world from existence. I was passed an interesting email this week about the history of the 52 card deck.

It stated some interesting facts you will find below:

One: There are 52 cards and 52 weeks in a year.

Two: There are two colors historically in a card deck. Those are red and black. In the world we live in, we have day and night.

Three: If we add up each of the cards, the grand total gets to 364. In history, there was a 364-day calendar called the Ethiopic year. It connects to many different world beliefs and traditions. In reality, card games are part of world history.

Four: Seasons in history have been called King’s Week, Queen’s Week or Jack’s Week. Jokers were part of leap years.

Some other interesting history about cards I learned in gathering information for this week’s newsletter:

One: Reportedly, the first card decks were created in China in the 9th century.

Two: Face cards that include the king or queen were made to pay tribute to real people in history.

Three: Decks last no more than one day on the floor of a casino.

Four: Playing cards were actually used during World War 2 to help American prisoners of war escape to freedom. Maps were secretly placed on the cards below the surface.

Hopefully you learned something about the history of the playing card deck today. Please find below a variety of different new card decks we have for sale from our collection. You can purchase each one by clicking the picture: 


    Aliante Aristocrat Deck                           Aliante Station Casino Deck


Boardwalk Casino Deck                          World Trade Center Casino Deck


American Indian Casino Deck                 Colusa Indian Casino Deck


Cosmopolitan Casino Deck                       Hard Rock Casino Deck 


Kenmore Lanes Casino Deck                    Even Stevens Casino Deck 


Silver Dollar Casino Deck                            Sahara Casino Deck


Paulson Playing Card Deck                        Poker Stars Card Decks


Royal Dal Negro Card Deck                           Copag Spanish Card Deck 


Transparent Deck Plastic Steer Head         Transparent Cowboy Deck


Turbo Green and Brown Decks                 Turbo Red and Blue Decks 

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