Spinettis Huge Token Collection Now on Sale

Below, you will find over 75 casino tokens we have listed on our website for sale. If you are a chip collector and you have not started collecting tokens, now might be a good time to begin. Tokens were mainly used in slot machines. However, there were other times that tokens were used for casino table games. $1 tokens would act as $1 chips for casinos that did not have a $1 chip. One example of that scenario would be the Debbie Reynolds Casino.

You can purchase each token by clicking the picture below. There are some good ones in this collection from present and past Las Vegas casinos and numerous others.







































Collector Greg Fisher Guinness Book of World Record Update:

Congrats to chip and token collector Gregg Fisher on getting his Guinness World Record made official. You can find it on the Guinness website clicking the picture below. You can still see his display of chips at our store here in Las Vegas. Congrats Gregg! 

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