Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 8

We are going to start off the New Year by showing you some more of our high-end casino chips for sale. We are listing these chips online so you can purchase them from our website. We will continue to list these chips in alphabetical order.

In this edition, we are showcasing our high-end chips from such places as the Golden Gate and Golden Nugget among others. We hope you have a wonderful 2021 and we look forward to seeing you here in Las Vegas some time this year. Happy New Year and stay safe.

You can purchase each chip clicking the picture below: 


Fortune Club Chip Reno 1937    Forty Niner Truck $1 Winnemucca 1979


Foxy Lady $1 North Las Vegas 1974    Friendly Club Casino  $1 Chip 1980


Gary's Casino $5 Chip South Tahoe 1976 - Both from 1976


Golden Bank Club 10 Cent and $5 chips from the 1950s in Reno 


Golden Bubble $1 Chip Gardnerville 1945   Golden Gate 50 Cent Chip 1965


Golden Gate $1 Chips from Las Vegas from 1968 and 1964 in Las Vegas


Golden Gate Free Play from 1950s and Golden Gate $5 from 1972


Golden Gate Centennial Chip 1976     Golden Gate Club 25 Cent Chip 1959


Golden Nugget $1 Chips from 1955 and the 1960s in Las Vegas


Golden Nugget $5 and $25 chip from 1975 in Las Vegas 


Golden Nugget $25 chip from the 1980s and $100 chip from 1975


The only chip from the Golden Slipper Casino in 1950: 25 Cent

The Golden Slipper later became the Silver Slipper.


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