Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 16
By popular demand, we are continuing to list our high-end casino chip collection on our website for sale. This week, we are focusing on mostly the letter S.

In the chip collecting world, three of the major casinos people collect include the Sahara, Sands and Stardust. Below you are going to see some of the early era chips from those historic casinos. In the chip collecting world, many of these are sought after. 
For example, you will see below the first ever $1 chip from the Stardust Hotel and Casino below for sale from 1958.

This set of chips has some great options to add to your chip collection.

You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below: 
Reno Casino $5 1944                                    Sahara 50 Cent 1965
Sahara/Thunderbird $1 1964                           Sahara $5 1976  
Sahara $100 1995                                               Sands $1 1964            
Sands $5 1970s                                           Sands $20 1970s    
Sands $25 1970s                                         Sands $25 1981
Sands $1000 1970s                                 Sands Roulette 1950s   
Hotel San Remo $100 1989                     Sandy Sandquist $25 1954   
Sans Souci $100 1960                                         Sans Souci $100
Scarlet Wagon $1 1973                              Stardust $1 1958   
          Stardust $5  1959
If you are a fan of the Sands Hotel and Casino, you can buy a light up mini marquee to display in your own home to tribute the great Las Vegas resort. You can find out more information and purchase it by clicking the picture below:
Casino chips

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