Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 15

Over the last year, we have started listing our high-end casino chips on our website so everyone could have a chance to buy them.

This weekend, we continue showcasing our high-end casino chips for sale. We are continuing to go in alphabetical order. This week, you will see a bunch of the letter P and R from casinos including the famous Pussycat A' Go Go and the Riviera. 

You can view each chip and purchase it by clicking the picture below: 


Pussycat a' Go Go $1 1964               Pussycat a' Go Go $5 1964


Pussycat a' Go Go $5 1964                Railroad Pass $25 1960s


Ranch House $25 Chip                       The Rendezvous $5 1960


Rex Club $5 1946                                     RIATA $25 Chip 1973   


Riviera $5 Chip 1965                                    Riviera $5 Chip 1971


Riviera $100 Chip 1985                                 Riviera $100 Chip 1998


Riviera 50 Cent Chip 1971                     Royal Casino $500 Chip 1977


Royal Inn $1 Chip  1979                          Royal Inn $100 Chip  1972   

New Ebay auctions start at 5:00 PM on Sunday. Here's a preview of what we will have up for auction. Click the banner below.

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