Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 14

The Casino Collectibles Association Convention is the one time every year that we put our entire high-end casino chip collection on display for sale.

Over the last year, we have started listing our high-end casino chips on our website so everyone could have a chance to buy them.

This weekend, we continue showcasing our high-end casino chips for sale. We are continuing to go in alphabetical order. This week, you will see a bunch of the letter Os, Ns and Ps from casinos including the famous Vegas Vic Pioneer Club and Primadonna Club in Reno, Nevada.

You can view each chip and purchase it by clicking the picture below:


Oliver's Castaways $5 1963     Odie Lopp's Nevada Club 50 Cent 1975


Overland Bar $1 1958                                      Owl Club $5 1973


Palace Club $25 1940s                                Pioneer Club 25 Cent 1964


Pioneer Club 25 Cent 1955                         Pioneer Club 25 Cent 1950


Union Plaza $100 1980s                           Pony Express 5 Cent 1955


Primadonna Club 10 Cent 1950s                       Primadonna 50 Cent 


Primadonna $1 1964                                       Primadonna $1 1964 


Primadonna $2.50 1966                                    Primadonna $5 1956


Pioneer Club $5 Cancelled 1950s          Pioneer Club 25 Cent 1950s

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