Spinettis High-End Chips: Volume 11

This weekend, we wanted to showcase our next set of casino chips from our high-end book. All of these chips are now listed on the website for sale. We are continuing publish these in alphabetical order.

A few quick facts about some of the casinos being featured this week:

Lady Luck: It opened in 1964. It closed in 2006. Known for its 49 cent eggs and bacon breakfast. It was featured in the 1999 movie The Runner with John Goodman. Today, it is the Downtown Grand.

Landmark: It opened in 1969. Closed in 1990. Dean Martin, Cary Grant and Tony Bennett were at the opening. The implosion of the Landmark was featured in the movie Mars Attacks.

Lotus Inn Motor Hotel: Opened in 1973. Closed in 1978. Only two casino chips are known from its history. Slots and other live games were offered.

You can purchase any of our high-end chips below by clicking the picture of each one: 


Holiday Casino $500 Chip 1980s        Howard Johnson's $100 Chip 1975


Humboldt Club $25 Chip 1950           Hyatt Regency $100 Chip 1999


International $5 Chip 1970                         Jim's Casino $5 Chip 1970


Joker Club 50 Cent Chip 1973          Lady Luck $2.50 Cent Chip 1980s


Lady Luck $5 Chip 1972                               Landmark $1 Chip 1967


Landmark $2 Chip 1976                           Landmark $5 Chip 1976  


Las Vegas Club 10 Cent Chip 1950        Las Vegas Club $5 Chip 1963


Little Casino $100 Chip 1950s           Louigi's Broiler $5 Chip 1950s


Lotus Inn $5 Chip 1973                         Matty Tropics $5 Chip 1955


         Mickey's $1 Chip 1978

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