Spinettis High-End Casino Chips Volume 6: Flamingo, More:

By continued popular demand, we are listing our high-end casino chip collection on our website for sale. Volume 6 is going to focus mostly on our chips from the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, Flamingo Capri and Flamingo Hilton. Still on the Las Vegas Strip today and full of history, the movie Bugsy, starring Warren Beatty as Bugsy Siegel, gives a great look at how the Flamingo came to be.

The original opening date was December 26, 1946. Those wishing to pay tribute to the famous mobster, can have a drink for Bugsy Siegel at Bugsy’s Bar inside the Flamingo. Though many may not know this, Bugsy Siegel was not the visionary behind the Flamingo. A man by the name Billy Wilkerson originally came up with the idea to make this amazing resort. When he ran into financial issues during the building of the hotel and casino, Bugsy stepped in to provide the extra funding.

In our high-end casino chip feature this week, we even have some of the early edition casino chips from the Flamingo for sale. Those chips are some of the most sought after in the hobby. Though it was not the first hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, many people first think of the Flamingo as the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip.

Below you will find all of our high-end Flamingo casino chips. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture:


Flamingo Capri Casino 25 Cent Chip 70s      Flamingo 50 cent Chip 1972


Flamingo Hilton 50 cent chip 1976        Flamingo Hotel 50 Cent Chip 1949


Flamingo Hilton $1 Chip 1977     Flamingo Capri Casino $1 Worn Chip 1973


Flamingo Capri $1 Worn Chip 1973        Flamingo Casino $1 Chip 1964 


Flamingo Casino $5 Cancelled Chip 1960   Flamingo Casino $5 Chip 1960


Flamingo Casino $5 Chip 1960     Flamingo Casino $5 Cancelled Chip 1948


Flamingo Hilton Casino $5 Chip 1971   Flamingo Casino $5 Chip 1946   


Flamingo Casino $5 Chip 1947   Flamingo Casino $25 Cancelled Chip 1948


Flamingo $25 Repaired Chip 1948      Flamingo $25 Cancelled Chip 1954


 Flamingo Roulette 2 Chip 1950          Franklin Bros. Casino $5 Chip 1991

Flamingo Vintage Postcards:

Caption on back: The Hotel Flamingo's famous Olympic pool is one of the nation's finest and has been the setting for many of Hollywood's great film and TV productions. 

Caption on back: With the setting sun, revelry rules the night at this paradise of gaiety and excitement. 

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