Spinettis High-End Casino Chip Collection: Volume 3

This weekend, we are continuing to list our high-end casino chip collection online for sale. In this newsletter, there are more than 20 new chip additions to the website. We have already sold chips from our first two volumes. So, if there is something you are interested in, make sure you do not delay your purchase.

As noted in the past, we are continuing to list our high-end chip collection in alphabetical order. There will be many more volumes of this in the near future. Please stay tuned to the newsletter as we continue to add more casino chips to our website.

In this collection, we have everything from Circus Circus to Cal Neva to Cotton Club to Club Bingo chips. One of my favorites in this collection is the Club Bingo 12.5 cent chip. The chip is from 1969. Club Bingo of course was in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

You can purchase each high-end chip clicking the picture below:













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