Spinettis High-End Casino Chip Collection: Volume 1

If you have come to our store in Las Vegas in the past, you probably have looked through our high-end casino chip book. By popular demand, we are going to start listing all of our high-end casino chips from that book on the website.

High-end casino chips are known to be rare and a small amount exist of each. They are sought after by casino chip collectors all across the world. We will have numerous volumes of this newsletter/blog over the next few months.

These volumes will list the high-end chips in alphabetical order for sale. Below, you will see our high-end casino chips from Aladdin, Bingo Palace, Bank Club and numerous others.

Speaking of the Aladdin, this week was the anniversary of the implosion of the famous Las Vegas Strip resort. The implosion happened on April 27, 1998.

So, without further interruption, you can find our first set of high-end casino chips below now listed on our website for sale. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture:










Ebay Auctions ending this weekend:

We have some cool Ebay auctions ending this weekend. You can find all of them by clicking the chip picture below:




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