Spinettis Has a New Website

This week, we rolled out our new website design at www.spinettisgaming.com. We hope that you have had a chance to look around at all the new features. If not, we hope that you will soon. We are going to go over some of them right now.

One: Casino Chip Search Option

As you can see below in the picture on the left, we are making it easier for you to search for different chips by casino. We are in the process of adding additional filters to narrow down your searches when you are on our website.

Two: Customize Your Own Gaming Items

There is now built-in software on the website you can use to create the artwork for your custom gaming projects that include card guards, custom chips, and custom playing cards among other items. See a few examples of the custom software below. 

Three: Gaming Instructions

We have added a gaming instructions menu option at the top of the website. There are how-to pages for casino games including blackjack, craps, roulette, and caribbean stud poker. 

Four: New Items

On the front page of www.spinettisgaming.com, we have created a new items area. You can see the latest items we have been adding to the website. See a photo of where that is on the front page below: 

Five: Narrowing chips down by the chip manufacture

If you would like to find casino chips from just one manufacture, see the picture below for more details.

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