Sands Las Vegas Casino H.N.O. Dig Chips Now Available: All Denominations

A few months back, we told you about some of Las Vegas’s history when it comes to dig chips. To recap, when the Frontier Casino was demolished, there were chips and tokens found in the concrete foundation from the Sands, Pop Oasis, and Pioneer Laughlin among others.

Focusing on the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, there were a variety of different chips from the 1970s found in the concrete. The ones that stand out above the others are the Hughes Nevada Organization $5, $25 and $100 chips. Each chip will have the H.N.O. text on it. These chips were made during the time legendary businessman Howard Hughes owned the Sands Hotel and Casino.

Below you will find all three denominations for sale. We only have one of the $5 and $100 chip (Both have sold). We have a few of the $25 chip for sale. You can find the details below:

A standard non-dig Sands H.N.O. $5 chip goes for on average $300 to $400. You can purchase the $5 dig chip we have in the picture below for only $29. You can click the picture below to purchase:


A standard non-dig sands H.N.O. $25 goes for on average for $300 to $400 as well. You can purchase a variety of Sands $25 H.N.O. dig chips for only $24. Click the picture below. 



A standard non-dig Sands H.N.O. $100 chip can go for around $500. This $100 dig chip is in great shape and would make a great addition to your chip collection. The price for this chip is only $49. You can purchase it by clicking the picture below.


Additionally, there are two other options of Sands dig chips for sale from the 1970s. They are $15 to $20 each. You can purchase them by clicking the photos below.


If you’d like to buy a dig chip or token from the Pioneer Laughlin, they range from $1 up to $4. Click the pictures below to purchase:



We still have a few pieces of concrete foundation left. If you’d like to purchase any in the picture below, the price is $40. Please send me an email to to place an order or call us at 702-362-8767.


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