Playboy Casino History: Big Chip Collection for Sale

Aside from its adult media empire, Playboy was also in the casino business. With gaming in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, United Kingdom and Bahamas, the brand had a worldwide presence in the industry.

Today, we will give you an overview of those four Playboy casinos:

Las Vegas: In 2006, the Palms Casino Resort would open the Playboy Club. It featured blackjack with Playboy Bunny dealers and other games. It was the first Playboy Club to reportedly open since 1988. Due to unspecified reasons, the Playboy Club closed at the Palms in 2012. Many of the most successful playmates in Playboy history are featured on Palms chips you can find below for purchase.

Atlantic City: From 1981 to 1984, the Playboy Atlantic City operated in New Jersey. Due to financial challenges, it would be renamed to something else by the mid 1980s.When Henfer passed away in 2017, it was reported that he did not spend much time at his Atlantic City property. In the 1990s, the staff of the Playboy Atlantic City had reunion events.

London: The Playboy Club London re-opened in 2011 after 30 years of being closed. It has an active casino today. Even before Playboy Atlantic City in the 1980s, The Playboy Club London was the first one to offer casino gambling the 1960s. For those wanting to get dealt a hand by a beautiful Playboy bunny blackjack dealer, there is still the opportunity. The casino is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bahamas: The Playboy Club Bahamas was opened from 1978 to 1983. A postcard for the casino said the following about it, “Overlooking the ocean at the Ambassador Beach Hotel, Bunnies serve free drinks while you play or learn games at the daily free lessons. See the exciting Playboy Revue appearing nightly.” During that era, the Playboy Club also billed itself as having the highest jackpots in the Bahamas.

Below, you can find our collection of Playboy Club Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London and Bahamas chips. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture:

Las Vegas Palms Chips: 


Playboy Club 2nd Anniversary $5            20 Years of Excitement $5


50th Rabbit Head $5                                        Anna Nicole Smith $5 


Jenny McCarthy $5                                                Pamela Anderson $5 


                             More Palms Pamela Anderson $5 


Pamela Anderson $5 Chip                                  Dalene Kurtis $5


Halloween $5 Chip                                           X-Treme Team $5 Chip    

Playboy Atlantic City, UK and Bahamas chips:


United Kingdom 10 Pounds                                  Bahamas $1


Bahamas $25 Promo                                          Atlantic City $2.50 



                             Two Different Atlantic City $25 chips 


Atlantic City $25                                                   Atlantic City $100 


Atlantic City $100 Chip                               Fun Nite 25 NCV Chip AC


Fun Nite 100 NCV Chip AC                            Fun Nite 500 NCV Chip AC

One of a kind roulette set:

This one-of-a-kind 600 roulette chip set from the Playboy Club in Las Vegas with 6 colors is $2995. You can find out more information and purchase it by clicking the pictures below:

Playboy London Club Token on Ebay Auction: On Sunday at 6:00 PM Las Vegas time, the Playboy Club London $1 pound token will go live on auction pictured below. You should find it in our list of Playboy items by clicking the picture below:

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