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We always like to talk about the different customers who visit Spinettis. One of those groups of people are our poker enthusiasts who come from all across the country and the entire world to our store here in Downtown Las Vegas to purchase poker supplies. Many of them end up taking hundreds of our home game poker chips back to their respective cities and countries.

So this week we are going to focus on all of our different kinds of home poker chips. There are a few different kinds of poker chips where some have denominations and others do not. The benefit of having poker chips that do not have denominations on them is you can use them both for tournament and cash games and change the amount value of each chip. Below you will see descriptions of each of our different types of chips and you can click on each picture to purchase.

Denomination Poker Chips:

Dunes Commemorative Chips: These are one of our most popular purchases because it pays tribute to the Las Vegas Strip Casino of the past Dunes. The chips actually look like the real ones that were used at the casino. Aside, many players come in after purchasing an original set and buy additional chips as they become popular with their home game pals. The chips are 9 grams. You can purchase any of our 10 different denominations clicking the picture below.

11.5 Gram High Roller Casino Poker Chip: Perhaps the thing that makes these chips special is the fact that they have the famous Las Vegas sign on them. These chips will make you remember your Las Vegas strip or the positive things you have about the city. You can click the picture below to purchase.


Coin Inlay Poker Chips Casino Las Vegas: More often than not you do not see the casinos use coin inlay chips anymore. This set pays tribute to earlier times when coin inlay chips were more common. A great 14 gram chip that stands out is what comes to mind and looks like something that looks very appealing to play with. You can purchase the chips clicking the picture below.


Ace King/Denomination Chips: Are you a fan of the card and suits? These gold hot stamped denomination chips are great for someone who would like a colorful chip game set with a lot going on. Each denomination has its own unique multicolored style. You can buy some below clicking the picture.


Desert Palace Casino Poker Chips: Though not a real place, these Desert Palace chips are also one of our popular choices among home game poker players and sometimes dealing school students who are looking for a hot stamped denomination chip. What’s great about the Desert Palace chips is there are denomination chips from 5 cents all the way up to 50,000. Purchase below clicking the picture.


Tournament NCV Chips: I like to call these our slick chip because the detail on them just stands out. These chips are perfect for any poker tournament you would like to hold. Not much more to say on these other than they are one of our other popular sellers. Their presentation says it all. They are 14 grams chips. You can buy them below clicking the picture.


Nevada Club 15 Gram Chips: If you are looking for something a little heavier, these chips are actually made of brass. These chips are very durable. Unlike our other clay composite chips, when you are playing with them, you will for sure get a different feeling and sound from them. Everyone has an acquired taste for their home poker chips and this very well may be the ones you want. Click the picture below to purchase:


Non denomination poker chips:

Double Dice poker Chips: Our most economical chip that we have. If you are just looking for the standard clay composite chip in numerous colors, this one will for sure do the trick. This is also a popular chip for our aspiring dealing school students. Clicking the picture below gets you these. They are 11.5 gram sized chips.


FAD Diamond Chips: These chips are great for both home game poker and roulette chips. As mentioned at the top, you can change the denominations to whatever you want. These 11.5 gram chip comes in eight different colors. Click below to purchase:


Suited Poker Chip:  You will find hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades on all of these 11.5 gram chips. A classic design that can be used for both home game and cash games. Purchase clicking the picture below:



Tri-Color 14g Ace / King Pro Poker Chips: People love being dealt pocket aces and pocket kings. These 14 gram chips are very colorful with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds also on the chip as well. As noted, everyone has their preference, but these chips make a great selection. Click below to purchase:


A rare first edition Stardust $1 chip:

For the ultimate Stardust fan, the place opened in 1958 and this was the first one dollar chip on the tables. 60 years later, here it is for someone to purchase. Price is $2475. Send us an email to marketing@spinettis.com or give us a call at 702-362-8767 if you are interested.

A very cool Blackjack Layout:

This Royal 21 Blackjack layout from Silverton Casino in Las Vegas is in great shape and makes for a great addition to any gaming table. Price on this layout is $75. Send us an email to marketing@spinettis.com or give us a call at 702-362-8767 if interested.

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