New Commemorative Casino Chips for Sale
We hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Over the last week, we have listed some new commemorative Las Vegas casino chips on our website for sale.
Below, you may find some you would like to add to your chip collection. 
You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture:
Aladdin Chip Convention                        Aladdin Kenny Rogers 
Aladdin Miss Universe 1995              Bill's Gambling Hall & Saloon
Continental Hotel                                   Hard Rock Cinco de Mayo
Fiesta Chip Convention                                     Fiesta George Maloof 
Hard Rock World Soccer Day                Hard Rock Friday the 13th
Hard Rock Gum Ball                                Hard Rock Halloween 2005
Hard Rock Halloween 2006               Hard Rock Independence Day 2010
Hard Rock Fourth of July 2006                 Monte Carlo Blue Man Group
Monte Carlo Frank Caliendo                  Monte Carlo Grand Opening
Monte Carlo Jabbawockeez                        O'Sheas 23rd Anniversary
Palms Grand Opening                                  Plaza Jackie Gaughan
Plaza J.K. Houssels                                       Plaza John Jones 
Plaza Fremont Street Experience      Railroad Pass 75th Anniversary
                                        Sahara Race Chips 
Hard Rock Santana                                     Hard Rock Vanity 

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