New Caesars Palace Chip Collection Now Online

Last week, many people enjoyed our newsletter on our Flamingo Las Vegas chip collection that focused on all eras. In our continued effort to get new chips on the website, this week we are going to share new  Caesars Palace chips we just added to the website this week. This selection includes chips from back during the Caesars Palace Grand Prix in the 1980s, celebrity chips for show performers including Celine Dion and Bette Midler and numerous other chips spanning all eras.

Before you view our chip collection below, I wanted to take you back and share some interesting things this week I found out about the history of Caesars Palace.  

Did you know that Frank Sinatra at one time became an entertainment consultant for the hotel and resort? He was paid $20,000 a week for the position. I also learned that Ol' Blue Eyes loved to play baccarat. There’s a famous story about an argument between Sinatra and a Caesars hotel executive Sanford Waterman where Mr. Waterman allegedly pulled a gun on Sinatra. Reportedly, the argument was over Sinatra wanting to have the table limit raised from $8000 to $16,000.

When Caesars Palace was originally constructed, it started with 800 rooms. Today, the resort has over 3000 rooms. The marble in the resort came all the way from Italy. Speaking of Italy, many Roman statues throughout the hotel and casino ended up coming from Europe as well. Many might assume that those statues were copies used to tribute Roman culture. However, that would not be the case.

In the world of sports, there have been some unique events that have happened at Caesars Palace. One of the most famous and interesting is the Grand Prix event that was held for two years in 1981 and 1982. Reportedly, the drivers did not like race due to the desert heat.

Caesars Palace was also home to a WrestleMania that took place in 1993. Did you also know an NHL preseason hockey game was held in the parking lot of the resort and casino in 1991? This would be the beginning of today’s hockey games that are played outside each year. No one can forget the many great boxing fights that took place there with Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes and Evander Holyfield among others. In a few months, some of the NFL Draft festivities will be held at Caesars Palace.

Headliners and show performers have included everyone from Celine Dion to Bette Midler to Gloria Estefan to Elton John and Rod Stewart. This coming May, Sting is slated to have a residency. Currently, Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton and Dionne Warwick perform ongoing at Caesars Palace at Cleopatra’s Barge.

Below you will find our collection of new Caesars Palace chips added to the website. You can purchase each chip clicking the picture below:











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