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With the first month of the year winding down, people are already in the planning mode for their next vacation. Whether it be Spring Break or this upcoming summer, we know some of you are coming here to Las Vegas and will have a chance to see us in our store. Every day we are adding new unique items to our shelves, showcases and walls here at Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Downtown Las Vegas. What I wanted to do this week was tell you 10 things worth seeing on your next visit to our store. As always, we appreciate our readers who come in and support us. Specific items noted below can be bought and shipped by emailing us here or calling at 702-362-8767.

Slot Machines: As you can see below from our photo, our row of slot machines has a lot of unique one of kind machines and items that tribute slots. If you have a slot player in your life or you might be someone who collects slot machines, this row is worth stopping by when you visit us. There are a variety of places.

Coin Buckets: Right below our slot machines in the same row, we have added a lot of new coin buckets from Luxor and Harrahs you can see from the photo below. Coin buckets sell for $3 individually or 2 buckets for $4.

Glasses, Mugs and Cups: We have added a lot of new glasses, cups and mugs this month from a variety of casinos across the country. If you are someone who likes collecting glassware from a variety of resorts and casinos, this is worth stopping by and seeing.

Aladdin Wood Glass Case with 3 Casino Chips: We recently acquired a few different items from the Aladdin Hotel and Casino from a private seller that included these wood glass cases that hold 3 collectible casino chips from the Aladdin. The Aladdin glass wood case with 3 chips is $34.95. You can see below.

Fire Casino Chips: In the history of Nevada, there have been fires at a few casinos. Fire chips are always a unique thing for chip collectors. What’s even more interesting is our stacks of stuck together fire chips that go for $3 per chip in the stack. You can see Nevada Club Lodge and Nevada Crystal Bay chips below for example.

Dice Clock: This is a new and unique one of a kind item we just put out in our store. If you have someone who is a fan of dice, this clock would make a great addition to any room in a home or office. Some people love Reno more than they love Las Vegas and this dice clock accomplishes that. It’s on sale for $24.99. See it below.

Craps Pen Holder: Know someone who is a fan of craps? This unique pen craps stand/holder is another one of our one of a kind items we just put on our shelves. The price is $12.95.

El Rancho Picture: We have a lot of unique hanging showpieces in our store. Recently, two different clients came in and bought a bunch of our one of a kind framed photos and artwork. This picture of the El Rancho is a perfect example of something you won’t see every day. We have never been able to verify whether it was at the El Rancho when the famous fire happened. However, our retail manager Don mentioned that he did have to clean up the photograph somewhat at the top from what he believes was fire damage. Going rate on this picture with frame is just under $75.

Riviera Table and Brass Door Sign: Through a private seller, we were very excited to have acquired these two items from the Riviera. One of which is a Let it Ride Table that was used at the casino at the Riviera and the other is a brass door sign from the front door of the resort. If you want to own a piece of casino history or have a game room, either of these items would be a great thing to acquire. The Brass door sign is $999 and the Riviera Let it Ride Table is $950.

Harrahs Pin Set: One of the unique casino collectibles that may go overlooked is pins. This set of Harrahs Casino pins in a frame is a great showpiece for an office for home. The going price on these is $35.

A few new Vegas-themed items in our store:

We just got in this new gold Welcome to Las Vegas Spinner Magnet you can purchase below clicking the picture. The price is $4. Great for any refrigerator.

We also have a very cool Las Vegas Keychain that is both a pen and a nail clipper as well. Price on that is only $3. You can purchase clicking the picture below as well.

Quick note:

The latest edition of the Slot Card Guide is out.  One of the authors Robert Baker wanted to let all our readers know that you can now download the 13th edition at There are over 20,000 slot cards listed in the guide.  

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