New $100 Casino Commemorative Chip Collection for Sale

Today, we are showcasing a new collection of $100 commemorative casino chips. These chips are from a variety of casinos including Aladdin, Four Queens, Palms, Riviera, Treasure Island and Tropicana.

If you are looking for some rare celebrity or sports casino chips, then look no further. This is a great collection of stuff you will not see anywhere else.

You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below:


Aladdin New Year's 2002                             Four Queens Millennium 2000


Harrah's Big Game Day 2001                         Palms: CSI 2002


Palms: Kid Rock 2003                                      Palms: Nelly 2003


Palms: Pink 2002                                        Palms: Sugar Ray 2002


Palms: Third Eye Blind 2002                 Palms: Pamela Anderson 2002


Palms: Jenny McCarthy 2002              Palms: Anna Nicole Smith 2002


Palms: 20 Years of Playboy 2002            Palms: Seattle Slew Belmont


Palms: Seattle Slew Kentucky Derby   Palms: Seattle Slew Preakness


Palms: Secretariat Triple Crown         Palms: Secretariat Kentucky Derby


Palms: Secretariat Belmont Stakes      Riviera: Happy Anniversary 2001


Stateline Saloon 1996                        Treasure Island: Eden New Year

Tropicana: New Year's 1998

If anyone is interested in purchasing some generic binders for your casino chip collection, please email me at We have a variety of different sizes. The price is $2 for large binders and $1 for small binders. 


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Perry Basch

Perry Basch

I have the Frank Fertitta $100 chip. Any interest?

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