Museum of Gaming History Displays Now at Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Las Vegas

This week, the Museum of Gaming History partnered with us to display some Nevada history.

Two displays are currently viewable to the general public to see for free at our Downtown Las Vegas location at 810 S Commerce Street. On having the displays in his store from the Museum of Gaming History, our owner Mike Spinetti said this:

"Gaming collectibles have been my life-long passion. Being on the Mob Museum Advisory Board, being a life member of both the MoGH and the Casino Collectibles Association, (CCA) and, after retiring from my real day job, opening a store in downtown Las Vegas specializing in buying/selling/trading gaming antiques and casino chips is like Christmas everyday. Hence my willingness to have these display cases available for everyone to see pieces of this fabulous hobby!"

The first display pays tribute to the Flamingo Capri that was opened from 1959 to 1979 on Las Vegas Boulevard at the location where the Imperial Palace once sat and is now home to The Linq. It will take you through the history of this Flamingo expansion property that was the first resort in Las Vegas to have an artificial lake. Everything from casino chips used at the Flamingo Capri to matchbooks, roof tiles, and dinner menus are on display with dozens of other items.

The other display pays tribute to Nevada’s atomic history which focuses on the nuclear testing that was done at the Nevada Testing Site that was 65 miles away in Nye County. This presentation shows off some of the testing photos and also photos of some of the Miss Atomic Bomb beauty pageant winners which were held mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada.

President of the Casino Collectibles Association and the Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club Jerry Vergatos added, "Michael Spinetti has shown true dedication to the Museum of Gaming History time and time again. Patron, Supporter, Backer, Sponsor, Donor, Contributor, are all synonyms that best describe Mr. Spinetti."

We look forward to you coming by and seeing the two displays and seeing all the new stuff we currently have in our store.

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