Las Vegas History Series: Sans Souci and Vacation Village

This week, I wanted to dive into two Las Vegas casinos from the past. It has also been a little while since we have done a Las Vegas History Series.

This year at Spinettis, there has been interest from numerous customers regarding Sans Souci collector chips. To start, it was located at 3320 Las Vegas Blvd S in the area where The Mirage is today. It was opened from 1957 to 1963. One thing it was known for was its ability to feed 2000 people a day in its dining hall that had 160 seats. The place was also known for having a variety of music acts that performed every day.

There were also two different shows by the names of Midnight in Havana and Midnight in Paris that headlined at different times. An entertainment venue by the name of Round Room showcased burlesque comedy. The resort advertised itself as The Jewel of the Strip.

Focusing on the casino gaming, one thing I learned doing research is that in 1958 there was 25 cent blackjack and the craps table had a $500 limit. As far as the hotel goes, there were 100 rooms and apartments that advertised a telephone in each room. Reportedly, the casino closed in 1960. What I gathered from the history of the resort is that one of its big marketing draws was offering a variety of music.

In 1963, the name of the resort would be changed to the famous Castaways. Below you can find our collection of chips from Sans Souci. You can purchase each one clicking the picture:






The second Las Vegas casino we are going to tell you about today is Vacation Village. It opened in 1990. Located south of where Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is today, two words to define the history of Vacation Village would be chaotic and drama. There was a fire on the property during construction in 1989. Financial challenges also are part of the resort and casino’s history. Bankruptcy occurred numerous times during its existence.

The property had just over 300 rooms and a 15,000 casino square foot floor. Reportedly, gaming was primarily slots and some table games. Coming and leaving Vegas on a vacation, it would be the first or last casino that you would end up seeing before the airport. So why did the place close? According to RGT Online, there were shortcomings from management and growing competition in the local gaming market. The resort closed in 2002 and was demolished in 2004. Below you can see our chips and card decks for sale from Vacation Village. You can purchase each clicking the picture:





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