Las Vegas History Series: Royal Nevada Hotel

The mid 1950s were an interesting time in Las Vegas. In 1955, the Dunes Hotel and Casino, Riviera and Moulin Rouge had their grand openings. That same year, another hotel and casino by the name of Royal Nevada Hotel opened its doors on the North end of the Las Vegas Strip as well. It is the eight Las Vegas Strip resort in history.

The Royal Nevada Hotel is located on the same land where the famous Stardust Hotel and Casino would soon follow. Next year, Resorts World should open up its doors for the first time at that famous address on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Though only open for a few years, the Royal Nevada Hotel left its mark for a variety of different reasons. The resort had many different investors. However, the hotel and casino was the idea of a man by the name of Frank Fishman. He was the original main investor. Many of the minority partners had also invested in the Moulin Rouge.

The hotel and casino’s signature landmark was a large crown placed on top of the roof of the building. One of the main features of the property was an Olympic size swimming pool. The resort had two entertainment venues that included the Crown Room and the Royal Nevada Lounge. In the Royal Nevada Lounge, an entertainment act by the name of the Dukes of Dixieland had family ties to Liberace.

The early era of all you can eat buffets also occurred there. One could eat as much prime rib as they wanted for only $1.50. For slot players, there was an opportunity to win a trip around the world. The winner was reportedly drawn from a huge drum. There was a new winner selected every 80 days.

The resort dealt with financial troubles from the beginning. The end of the 1950s had a recession in America. The Royal Nevada Hotel was the only Las Vegas property that did not survive that recession. The neighboring Stardust Hotel and Casino bought the property and renamed the land that it was on to the Stardust Convention Center.

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