Las Vegas History Series: Opera House Casino

This week, we are going to tell you about the Opera House Casino. If you are chip collector, you know that the gaming establishment had a variety of interesting and colorful chips. The artwork on all of the Opera House Casino chips are very colorful and unique.

Before it became Opera House Casino, it opened as the Opry House in 1978. It was located at 2542 Las Vegas Blvd North. It was located just 3.5 miles away from Downtown Las Vegas. We would imagine that the casino probably catered most to locals. However, we can also believe that the casino also drew in some enthusiastic Las Vegas tourists.

All Opry House chips were hot stamped. When the named changed to Opera House in 1985, the casino started out with hot stamped chips. Later, it would move to more colorful inlay chips that were Horse Head, Chipco, Unicorn and Paulson molds. There are many cool commemorative chips for different holidays. One of those holidays included Valentine’s Day. I believe that is tomorrow.

To draw people in, Opera House had cash drawings, affordable food and $1.50 beers. Focusing on food, they offered a 16 oz porterhouse steak for $6.25 from $5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

When it comes to gaming, we imagine the place had slots, video poker and blackjack. Blackjack is mentioned on some of the casino’s chips. Additionally, video poker is mentioned on one of the casino’s signs. Finally, what is a casino without slots.

Opera House was demolished after it closed in 2015. Today, a Dotty’s Casino occupies the address. They have video poker and drinks as well.

Below you will find all the cool casino chips from Opera House. You can purchase each one by clicking the picture of the chip:


Easter 2002 Casino Chip $1                Run for the Roses 2002 $1 Chip


Wimbledon 2002 $1 Chip                            Net Fever 2002 $1 Chip


Veteran's Day 2002 $1 Chip                       Opera House $1 Chip 1985


Couples in Love $1 Chip                            Fourth of July 2002 $1 Chip


Christmas 2001 $1 Chip                           Veteran's Day 2002 $2.50 Chip


Saint Patrick's Day 1998 $5 Chip                 Fourth of July 1996 $5 chip 


Halloween 1996 $5 Chip                              Halloween $1999 $5 Chip 


 Valentine's Day 2002 $5 Chip              Armchair Quarterback 1997 $5 Chip


Easter 1996 $5 Chip                                           NYE 1996 $5 Chip  


Saint Patrick's Day 1996 $5 Chip                Thanksgiving $5 Chip


Valentine's Day 1997 $5 Chip                           Navy 2002 $5 Chip 


Opera House $5 Chip 1991                        Opera House $5 Chip 1995



Christmas 1996 $5 Chip                                    Opera House $7.50 Chip 


Opera House $7.50 Chip                            Opera House $100 Chip

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