Las Vegas History Series: Mahoney’s Silver Nugget

This week, we are going to continue our Las Vegas history series by telling you about Mahoney’s Silver Nugget. From the years 1989 to 2010, that was the name of this North Las Vegas Casino. It opened back in the 1960s. Its original name was Silver Nugget.

For those wondering, the Mahoney family named the casino after them for those years. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard North. The casino also has a bowling alley just like Gold Coast, Red Rock and The Orleans.

Though it may not be the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Silver Nugget has also put on a variety of boxing matches over the years. In 2011, the casino hosted Junior Olympics events.

The Silver Nugget was opened in 1964 by entrepreneur Major Riddle. He originally got into the gaming industry when he took over the Dunes Hotel and Casino in 1956. Reportedly, some of his co-investors had mafia ties. When it comes to the Las Vegas entertainment scene, Mr. Riddle was responsible for the first topless female revue in the town.

In its early history, the place was one of the first casinos in Las Vegas to have female blackjack dealers. In 2010, after being Mahoney’s Silver Nugget for almost 30 years, it was changed back to Silver Nugget.

Because the Silver Nugget had the same ownership as the Opera House, many of their chips are very colorful and have interesting artwork as well. Today, it is operated by Lucky Silver Gaming.

This week, we have listed our entire Mahoney’s Silver Nugget chip collection for sale online. You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below. There are a lot of great ones. 


             25 Cent 1993                                          25 Cent 1980s


50 Cent Limited Chip 2000                          50 Cent Limited Chip 2002


                   $1 1989                                                    $1 1993


Independence Day $1 2002                         April Fools Day $1 2002  


Battle of Bunker Hill $1 2002                          Rudolph $1 2001


Wimbledon $1 2002                                 Run for the Roses $1 2002


Silver Nugget $1 NCV 1992                       Silver Nugget $2.50 1996


                  $5 1993                                                    $5 1989


D Day $5 2002                                                Fourth of July $5 2000


Saint Patrick's Day $5 1996                           Halloween $5 1996


Valentine's Day $5 1996                                   Silver Nugget $5 1996


Boxcars $5 1997                                              7 Come 11 $5 1996 


Valentine's Day $5 1997                                    Fourth of July $5 1996 


Outhouse $5 1999                                          $25 1989

                  $25 1993


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