Las Vegas History Series: Boardwalk Hotel and Casino




This week, we are going to take you back to an earlier time on the Las Vegas Strip. We are going to focus on the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino.

Besides New York New York, there was also another New York state-themed resort on the Las Vegas Strip at one point. Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was a Coney Island-themed resort. Unfortunately, the wooden roller coaster from 1906, was not rideable at the Las Vegas resort.

With 653 rooms, it was one of the smaller hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

It all started back in the mid-1960s when there was an idea to build a Holiday Inn Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. What started as just over 100 rooms, became over 600 by the end. There was one additional expansion at the end of the 1960s. The next one wouldn’t come to 1985. A fun fact, a former owner of the Pioneer Club, Norbert Jansen, opened a gift shop there called Holiday Gifts. Many people knew the hotel during this era as the Holiday Inn South Strip. In 1985, it was renamed to the Viscount Hotel.

By 1989, the name of the resort was changed to Boardwalk Hotel and Casino. Boardwalk had various table games that had $3 limits and slot machines. The carnival exterior of the building was built in the mid-1990s. Some of the things that drew people into the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino included a 24-hour buffet, which was the only one on the Las Vegas Strip. It was called the 24 Hour Surf Buffet. There were also 99 cent margaritas.

In 2000, what is now known today as MGM Resorts International, acquired the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino.

One piece of the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino that still exists today on the Las Vegas Strip is a Prince tribute show by the name of Purple Reign. It is currently at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. The show at Boardwalk was performed in a room called The Lighthouse Showroom.

According to a news article, the last roll of the dice thrown at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino landed on the number seven. It was reportedly thrown by a gentleman from Switzerland who had spent many vacations at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino over the years. The casino closed in 2006 and the implosion took place the same year.

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